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Mojave Desert Wildflower List

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Bigelow Coreopsis - Coreopsis bigelovii
Bladderpod - Isomeris arborea - y239-mckay
Blue Dicks - Dichelostemma capitatum - Blue
Booth's Primrose - Camissonia boothii ssp. desertorum - W167-mackay
Brittlebush - Encelia farinosa
Brown-eyed Primrose - Camisonia claviformis - W168-munz
California Buckwheat - Eriogonum fasciculatum var. polifolium - W177-mackay
California Fagonia - Fagonia laevis - R43-munz
California Poppy - Escholzia californica
Canterbury Bells - Phacelia campanularia - Blue
Chia - Salvia columbariae
Chuparosa - Justicia californica
Cream Cups - Platystemon californicus
Creosote - Larrea tridentata - Y262-mackay
Datura - Datura wrightii
Davy Gilia - Gilia latiflora ssp. Davyi
Desert Alyssum, Bush Peppergrass - Lepidium fremontii - W144-mackay
Desert Calico - Loeseliastrum matthewsii - Pink
Desert Chicory - Rafinesquia neomexicana
Desert Dandelion - Malocothryx glabrata
Desert five-spot - Eremalche rotundifolia - Pink
Desert Indian Paintbrush - Castilleja angustifolia
Desert Larkspur - Delphinium parishii
Desert Lily - Hesperocallis undulata
Desert Lavender - Hyptis emoryi
Desert Lupine, Shockley Lupine - Lupinus Shockleyi - B50-mackay
Desert Marigold - Baileya multiradiata - Y190-mackay
Desert Parsley - Lomatium mohavense
Desert Rock-pea - Lotus rigidus - Y242-mackay
Desert Sand Verbena - Abronia villosa - Pink
Desert Senna - Senna armata
Desert Star - Monoptilon bellioides
Desert Sunflower - Geraea canescens - Y208-mackay
Desert Trumpet - Eriogonum inflatum
Desert Willow - Chilopsis linearis - P85-mackay
Dune Evening Primrose - Oenothera deltoides
Eaton's Firecracker - Penstemon eatonii - R59-munz
Fiddleneck - Amsinckia sp.
Fremont Phacelia - Phacelia fremontii
Fremont's Pin Cushion - Chaenactis fremontii
Globemallow - Sphaeralcea ambigua
Golden Gilia - Linanthus aureus
Goldfields - Lasthenia californica - Yellow
Gravel Ghost, Parachute Plant - Atrichoseris platyphylla - W128-mackay
Indian Tobacco - - USDA
Indigo Bush - Psorothamnus arborescens
Lacy Phacelia - Phacelia cryptantha - Blue
Lilac Sunbonnet - Langloisia setosissima - Pink
Little Sunbonnets, Schott Gilia - Loeseliastrum schotti - W175-mackay
Mojave Aster - Aster mohavensis
Mojave Poppy - Eschscholtzia glyptosperma - Y155-munz
Mojave Sun Cup, Field Primrose - Camissonia campestris - Y247-mackay
Monkey Flower - Mimulus bigelovii - R62-munz
Owl's Clover - Castilleja exserta - Pink
Paperbag Bush - Salazaria mexicana - BP58-mackay
Prickly Poppy - Argemone corymbosa
Prince's Plume - Stanleya pinnata - y158-munz
Pygmy-Leaved Lupine - Lupinus bicolor - Blue
Purple Mat - Nama demissum
Rattlesnake Weed - Euphorbia albomarginata - W17-stark
Red Maids - Calandrinia ciliata - Red
Red Stem Filaree - Erodium cicutarium - Purple/Magenta
Rock-Daisy - Perityle emoryi - Y200-munz
Scale-Bud - Anisocoma acaulis - Y189-mackay
Shrubby Butterweed - Senecio flaccidus var. monoensis - Y205-munz
Thistle Sage - Salvia carduacea - B142-munz

Trailing Townula - Sarcostemma hirtellum - Y180-munz
Thick-leaved Ground Cherry - Physalis Crassifolia - W261-mackay
Tidy Tips,White Layia - Layia glandulosa - W119-munz
Woolly Amsonia - Amsonia tomentosa
Wallace Woolly Daisy - Eriophyllum wallacei - Y207-mackay
Western Wallflower - Erysimum capitatum - Y156-munz
White Rhatany - Krameria grayii - P95-mackay
Yerba Mansa - Anemopsis californica - W138-stark

Wildflowers & Wildlife Notes:
The desert tortoise and the chuckwalla are herbivores that like nothing better than to eat the sweet blossoms of the pretty desert annuals.

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Wildflower Photos
Blooming Periods

The extent and timing of spring wildflower blooms may vary greatly from one year to the next in the California deserts. Blooms are dependent upon many environmental factors, with winter precipitation and spring temperatures the key ones.

In general, spring flowering begins as temperatures rise -- first at lower elevations in February and later at higher elevations in March and April. On mountain tops above 5,000 feet blooms are as late as June.

Some believe that spectacular desert blooms occur on an average about once every twenty years and others say that an ideal year comes once every three or four decades.

Most spring wildflowers in the desert are annuals. Strict germination requirements are a kind of insurance for the seed, keeping it from germinating when it isn't likely to survive to maturity.

Three plants that seem to bloom even in poor years are the Bladderpod, Creosote Bush and the Jimson Weed or Datura.

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