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WASH - A narrow, constricting dry bed of an intermittent stream, as at the bottom of a canyon, typically dry but subject to rapid flow during flash flooding. Also see FLASH FLOOD, GULLYING, ARROYO, CANYON

Usage in context:

Desert Wash - Desert Habitats
Desert Habitats Desert Wash ...

Desert Landscapes
DESERT HABITATS Pinyon-Juniper Woodland ∑ Joshua Tree Woodland ∑ Cactus Yucca Scrub ∑ Desert Dunes ∑ Creosote Bush Scrub ∑ Desert Wash ...

Creosote bush
It also occurs as a transitional species in desert grasslands, mesquite woodlands, Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) communities, and dry desert wash areas. ...

Nurslings of the Sky - Land of Little Rain - Mary Austin
So they did in Overtown who built in the wash of Argus water, and at Kearsarge ... After twenty years Argus water rose in the wash against the frail houses, ...

The Desert Willow: Desert Wash Environment
Plants in the Desert Wash Habitat of Joshua Tree - Desert Willow Tree.

Mojave Desert Geology
Geological notes on the Vasquez Rocks formation. Alluvial material in dry wash Dry Lake - Playa Desert Varnish.

Dry wash - Bajada Nature Trail
Joshua Tree National Park, Colorado Desert Plants.

Desert Wash
Wash in desert, Joshua Tree National Park. ... This is a dry intermittant stream channel, more commonly known as a wash. Intense rainfall can produce flash ...

Grand Canyon natural environments
A Mohavean desert scrub community extends from the Grand Wash Cliffs in extreme western Grand Canyon to near the Colorado Riverís confluence with the Little ...

Chemehuevi Mountains Wilderness
A popular trail is the 12-mile Trampas Wash, which bisects the wilderness and ends at the Colorado River. Springs within the wilderness are seasonal and ...

Stepladder Mountains Wilderness
Careful driving is needed when crossing the sandy Chemehuevi Wash. High clearance vehicles are recommended. Abraxas Engineering ...

Dublin Gulch, California Mojave Desert
The caves in the soft hills of this wash were used as housing for miners and vagabonds from the early 1900's through the 1960's. Warm in the winter, ...

Skull Rock Nature Trail
Different habitats may be encountered within a short distance of each other. Cactus-Yucca Scrub Habitat ∑ Desert Wash ∑ Joshua Tree Woodland ...

Weathering and Erosion in Desert Environments - Mojave Preserve
...A large granitic boulder and gravel deposits in the middle of the flood plain of a wash draining from the range hints at the power and intensity of flash ...

Stream Channel Development - Mojave Preserve - California Mojave
...In one year a stream bed in mountainous area may be easily passable by vehicle, but the next year the wash is inaccessible because finer materials between ...

Stream Terraces and Older Surfaces - Mojave Preserve - California
...Caliche-cemented gravels (pale zone topped by a ledge) form the resistant cap rock of older Pleistocene terrace surfaces along the sides of the modern wash. ...

High Desert Washes
... the differences between plant life in the open desert and that growing along the trail. next > < previous, Click the photo to continue Desert Wash ...

Introduction:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: :?:: glossary
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