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The Whole Mojave


View from shadow mountains near El Mirage
The Mojave Desert exists in a rain shadow created by the Transverse Ranges and the Sierra Nevada

The greater Mojave Desert is bounded by the Sierra Nevada, San Gabriel, and San Bernardino mountains to the west. These mountain ranges block the westerly winds and moisture created by the Pacific Ocean, in turn creating a hot and arid desert environment on the eastern side. The Mojave Desert is bordered on the east by the Colorado Plateau. The northern boundary of the Mojave blends with the Great Basin Desert, while the southern boundaries merge with the Sonoran Desert.

Inspiration Point - San Gabriel Mountains
The mountains hold back moisture from the ocean - Inspiration Point
Rainfall varies with elevation; approximately 4 inches per year near Baker, and up to 9 inches per year in the higher elevations. Summer months are characterized by a brief monsoon; however, the majority of the rainfall occurs in late winter, with February typically being the wettest month. Average high temperatures are 90 degrees in the summer months and can exceed 105 degrees. During the winter months, temperatures can drop below freezing, occasionally bringing snow to the higher elevations.
snow in Mojave Desert
Snow can occur in the higher elevations - Phelan, Ca.

adapted from;
Heidi Koenig, M.A., RPA
Anthropological Studies Center Sonoma State University


Map of Mojave Desert

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source - BLM

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