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Desert Indians:

Indian Slave Trade

By Clifford J. Walker

    The Institution of Slavery

    The institution of slavery has had wide distribution in time and geography and in technique. It has existed throughout the world, involving ...

    The Good Padre's First Encounter

    Even before reaching the Needles area, Garces recorded the Mohave Indians' practice of obtaining captive slaves. ...

    Changes were Bound to Occur

    On the western portions of the Mojave Indian Trail, changes were bound to occur with the advent of the Spanish. ...

    The Mohave Continued

    The Mohave continued to frequent their old trading haunts along the coast even though the Spanish discouraged the ...

    Descending the Mojave River

    Descending the Mojave River to the present site of Victorville, the searchers soon found the evidence they needed; ...

    Some Unpleasant Treatment

    Harrison G. Rogers, Smith's clerk and second in command, recorded some unpleasant treatment of the Indians, ...

    These Dauntless Trappers

    These dauntless trappers not only recorded evidence of slave activity but also conquered the desert ...

    This Type of Treatment

    This type of treatment embittered the California Indians. Runaway Indians fled to the ...

    Other Facets of this Indian Slavery

    Other facets of this Indian slavery came from the travelers who kept records or diaries ...

    An Infant Captive

    A little further south, in Utah, Lorton noted in his diary that Indians came into camp with an ...

    Another Example of Slave Stealing

    On August 6, 1853, Gwinn H. Heap cited another example of slave stealing. While accompanying the newly appointed ...

    New Supplies of Workers

    The discouragement by the California Legislature of the importation of Negroes and the growing demands for ...

    Like the Rest of California

    The Chinese women were used in a somewhat different way except they were not ...

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These pages were originally written as a pamphlet describing Indian Slave Trade and it's association with the Mojave Desert. Since then interest in this facet of our history has grown the thin brochure has been expanded into a full-fledged book, "Gone the Way of the Earth", by Cliff Walker, and available through the Mojave River Valley Museum, Barstow, CA.

Introduction:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: :?:: glossary
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