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An entire area that contributes water to a drainage system or stream.



    Colorado River Watershed
    Description of the Colorado River Valley by John Wesley Powell.

    Upper Watershed
    Upper watershed of the Ancestral Mojave River System.

    Water in Yosemite National Park
    The Yosemite Valley watershed includes Yosemite Valley and its tributary areas. ... These two reservoirs are in Yosemite, within the Tuolumne watershed and ...

    Watershed divide
    Drainage divide between Queen and Pleasent valleys in Joshua Tree National Park.

    The Natural Mojave River
    The watershed of the Mojave River = approx. 3670 sq miles (9500 sq km) Contents. San Bernardino Mountains Upper Watershed. East Fork ...

    Water at Hoover Dam
    The watershed covers more than 244000 square miles, 1/12 of the area of the lower 48 states. Although the river begins in the Rocky Mountains, ...

    Colorado River photos
    Following is a much more verbose and worthy description of this unique and intensely beautiful southwestern waterway and its watershed. ...

    Deep Creek - Natural Mojave River
    Deep Creek is the primary collection channel for the eastern portion of the upper watershed in the San Bernardino Mountains.

    Troy Lake
    Some theories have Troy being an overflow point for the headwaters of the watershed flowing to Bristol Lake, then through a series of lakes to the Colorado ...

    Cleghorn Creek - Natural Mojave River
    Cleghorn Creek drains the westernmost portions of the mountain watershed into the West Fork of the Mojave River.

    Mojave River
    The ephemeral waters of the Mojave originate in the watershed of the San Bernardino Mountains. Water gathers from north of the ridgeline and flow down a ...

    Juniper - California Juniper
    California juniper can be important for watershed management. BOTANICAL AND ECOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS SPECIES: Juniperus californica ...

    Mexican Period: California Indian History
    ... with Americans, who had purchased France's claim to the Mississippi watershed, moving westward through the Great Basin in increasing numbers. ...

    Western Mono Indians
    The Western Mono territory comprises the western slope of the Sierra from the summit of the watershed to the lower country where they adjoined the foothill ...

    Low Sage Wildlife Habitats
    The clay-rich soils yield much of their snowmelt as runoff, making them very important watershed areas (Young et al. 1977). Zamora and Tueller (1973) ...

    Juniper - Ecosystems & Habitats
    Colorado River Watershed On the mountains a few junipers and pinons are found, and cactuses, ... These people built their sheltering homes of boughs and the ...

    Colorado River Watershed A group of little alpine lakes, that receive their waters directly from perpetual ... This river, like the Grand, has its sources ...

    Colorado River Watershed The lower third, or desert portion of the basin, is but little above the level of the sea, though here and there ranges of ...

    Special Report on the Mountain Meadows Massacre
    This swell of land or watershed, called the rim of the basin, runs west across nearly midway the valley called the Mountain Meadows. ...

Introduction:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: :?:: glossary
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