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Glossary of Terms & Definitions
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A dynamic collection of interacting, living organisms and all the components of their nonliving environment functioning together as a single large-scale unit.

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Desert Ecosystem

The plant's solar energy flows through the ecosystem as kangaroo rats, and other herbivores like jackrabbits, fall prey to carnivores like great horned owls, ...

Death Valley Ecosystems

An ecosystem is how it all works together. The geology of region provide for the plants, which provide for the animals that eat the plants and animals that eat ...

Pinyon-juniper - Ecosystem

Native faunal relationships within the pinyon-juniper ecosystem. Pages 55-65 In G. F. Gifford and F. E. Busby, eds. The pinyonjuniper ecosystem: a symposium.

Mojave Desert Biome

An ecosystem is a biotic community together with its physical environment, considered ... Ecosystems are hierarchical and can be viewed as nested sets of open ...


Scavengers play an important role in the ecosystem by contributing to the decomposition of dead animal remains. Well known scavengers include vultures, and ...

Desert Food Chain

A food chain is sequence of plants, herbivores and carnivores, through which energy and materials move within an ecosystem. Food chains are usually short ...

Objectives and Restoration of the Ecosystem

Notes on the Ash Meadows ecosystem.

Juniper - Ecosystems & Habitats

Ecosystems & Habitats Tree Dominated Wildlife Habitats Juniper (JUN) Juniper Species, White Fir, Jeffrey Pine Vegetation Structure-- Juniper habitats are ...

Wildlife of Yosemite National Park

The most serious current threats to Yosemite's wildlife and the ecosystems they occupy include loss of a natural fire regime, exotic species, air pollution, habitat ...

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

The desert springs ecosystem and Mojave Riparian Forest here are considered to be some of the best in California. In addition, the area is of botanical ...

Mojave Preserve - California Mojave Desert

... affecting earth materials are fundamental to interpreting the ongoing development of the Mojave Desert landscape and the ecosystem it supports. ...

Ash Meadows

When a species becomes endangered, it indicates something is wrong with the ecosystem. The measures we take to save endangered species help ensure the world ...

Ash Meadows

Water is the key natural resource that makes Ash Meadows a unique ecosystem in the dry Mojave Desert. Where does it come from? ...

Desert Ecosystems - Joshua Tree National Park

... Although in most ecosystems plants compete for sunlight, here most plants are adapted to minimize the ...

Vegetation of Yosemite National Park

Each of these types of wetlands varies in geographic distribution, duration of saturation, vegetation community, and overall ecosystem function. ...

Sand Dunes & Dust - Mojave Preserve - California Mojave Desert

Processes involving sand and dust transport play an important roll in shaping the landscape and the ecosystem of the Mojave region. ...
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