Digital-Desert : Mojave Desert
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Havasu Wildlife Refuge
Common Name Sp S F W
Cardinals, Grosbeaks and Buntings
Northern Cardinal O O O O
Rose-breasted Grosbeak R O   R
Black-headed Grosbeak C U C  
*Blue Grosbeak C C O  
Lazuli Bunting U   U  
*Indigo Bunting O U O  
Dickcissel     X  
*Red-winged Blackbird C A A C
Western Meadowlark U   C C
*Yellow-headed Blackbird U C C  
Rusty Blackbird       X
Brewer's Blackbird U   C C
*Great-tailed Grackle C C C U
*Brown-headed Cowbird C C O R
Orchard Oriole     X  
*Hooded Oriole O C O  
*Bullock's Oriole C C U  
Finches and Allies
Purple Finch     R R
*House Finch C C C C
Pine Siskin O   O O
*Lesser Goldfinch U U U U
Lawrence's Goldfinch R   O O
American Goldfinch O   O O
Evening Grosbeak     R  
Old World Sparrows
*House Sparrow U U U U
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