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Havasu Wildlife Refuge
Common Name Sp S F W
Belted Kingfisher U   C C
Green Kingfisher X      
Lewis's Woodpecker X X X X
*Gila Woodpecker C C C C
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker X   X X
Red-naped Sapsucker O   U U
*Ladder-backed Woodpecker C C C C
Northern Flicker        
"Red-shafted" U   C C
"Yellow-shafted"     R R
Gilded Flicker U U U U
Tyrant Flycatchers
Olive-sided Flycatcher O   O  
Greater Pewee       X
Western Wood-Pewee C U C  
*Willow Flycatcher U U U  
Hammond's Flycatcher C   U R
Gray Flycatcher O   O O
Dusky Flycatcher R   R  
Pacific-slope Flycatcher C U C R
*Black Phoebe C C C C
Eastern Phoebe     R R
*Say's Phoebe C R C C
*Vermilion Flycatcher O O O O
Dusky-capped Flycatcher       X
*Ash-throated Flycatcher C C O R
*Brown-crested Flycatcher U U    
Tropical Kingbird     X  
Cassin's Kingbird X   X X
*Western Kingbird C C U  
Eastern Kingbird   X    
*Loggerhead Shrike C C C C
Northern Shrike       X
*Bell's Vireo U U U X
Gray Vireo R      
Plumbeous Vireo U   U R
Cassin's Vireo U   U R
Hutton's Vireo     R  
Warbling Vireo C U C  
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