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Havasu Wildlife Refuge
Common Name Sp S F W
Ducks, Geese and Swans
Greater White-fronted Goose R   O O
Snow Goose (white morph) O   C C
Snow Goose (blue morph)     R R
Ross' Goose     R R
Brant X      
Canada Goose U   C C
Tundra Swan R   O O
Wood Duck O R O O
*Gadwall U O C C
Eurasian Wigeon       X
American Wigeon U O C C
*Mallard C U C C
Blue-winged Teal C U C U
Cinnamon Teal C O A O
Northern Shoveler O R C C
Northern Pintail C O A C
Green-winged Teal O R C A
Canvasback O   U U
Redhead C O C U
Ring-necked Duck U R C C
Greater Scaup R     R
Lesser Scaup C O C U
Long-tailed Duck       X
Bufflehead C   C C
Common Goldeneye U   U U
Barrow's Goldeneye R     R
Hooded Merganser     R R
Common Merganser U R U U
Red-breasted Merganser U R U R
Ruddy Duck C O A U
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