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Glossary of Terms & Definitions
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Alluvial Fan

A fan-shaped sloping deposit of alluvium on a flat plain, whose source is usually a narrow canyon located at the head of the fan.

A lowland loose sediment deposited by water run-off -usually forms at the base of mountains in arid and semi-arid environments.
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Pediments and Alluvial Fans

- Mojave Preserve - California Mojave
...Desert landscape and surface processes study, Mojave National Preserve.

Stream Channel Development

- Mojave Preserve - California Mojave ...The diagram illustrates an idealized cross section of an alluvial surface where the progression of stream down cutting and infilling resulted in the ...

The Mojave River and Associated Lakes

- Mojave Preserve ...Layers of alluvium exposed in Afton Canyon reveal that changes in the landscape have occurred over time. The different colored layers of sediments exposed ...

Stream Terraces and Older Surfaces

- Mojave Preserve - California ...In the distance, the surface of an older quaternary alluvial fan is preserved intact (partly due to a resistant caliche bed preserved at the surface). ...

Sand Dunes & Dust

- Mojave Preserve - California Mojave Desert ...Barren rock, alluvium, and dry lake beds are all sources of dust and sand. Typically most dust (clay and silt) becomes suspended in the wind and is carried ...


- Mojave Preserve - California Mojave Desert ...The Preserve consists of nearly 1.6 million acres of varied landscapes including rugged mountains, canyons, volcanic fields, alluvial fans, dune fields and ...

Alluvial Fans in Death Valley

...From the mouth of Golden Canyon, the top of Artist's Drive, or Dante's View, you have a sweeping view across Death Valley toward...

Titus Canyon

- Death Valley ...Sometimes no more than 10 feet wide, the road snakes through the crooked and beautiful canyon emerging at the top of an alluvial fan spreading out into ...

Weathering and Erosion in Desert Environments

- Mojave Preserve ...They typically travel at great speeds down steep canyons, but may move slowly across a gentle surface of an alluvial fan. They can flow for great distances ...

Debris flow and canyon formation

- Joshua Tree National Park ...As materials from higher up in the canyon wear down, a debris fan may develop, then possibly, over a long period of time an alluvial fan. ...

Pinyon Well Junction

- Joshua Tree National Park ...This is the alluvial fan at the upper end of the bajada at Alluvial Fans and Bajadas described previously. Further up this canyon is the site of Pinyon Well ...
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