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Treeing A Wildcat Outfit

The apprehension and arrest of Dr. J. Grant Lyman, the wildcat mining promoter and alleged confidence man, whose little game with Boston-Greenwater stock has done the Nevada mining companies more harm than) any other one man's dirty work, seems now to be about to revert to the good of the honest and boni fide propositions throughout the state. Let the good work go on. The grafters and confidence men are not wanted, and the sooner they can be decorated "with stripes and placed with the other felons in the state "pen," the better it will be for all concerned. Dr. Lyman may be thankful that he got into the clutches of the law and not into the hands of some irate citizen with a gun and a sense of justice stronger than his regard for his future, The residents and business men of the mining district owe the dear doctor something which should be handed to him hot from the platter. It is such dirty work as that in which he was mixed that makes the honest men work double time in clearing up the mess left behind and getting things into running order again.

The dear "doctor" put on his long boots, splashed around in a few prospect holes, and having gotten himself properly covered with mud and such, went to the good people of Boston and told them of his wonderful mine in Nevada. The "doctor" is a good talker. He could talk until Hell freezes over if you gave him the opportunity. With this ability, and a little real Nevada mud which had stuck to him to give his remarks weight, he managed to pan off about $300,000 worth of worthless stocks on the credulous citizens of Boston. The Union Securities Company of Nevada was formed for the purpose of backing the game, or was drawn into it through the efforts of the wily "doctor," and together they did business and the Boston public at the same time until someone got next.

The "doctor" got next at the, same time and disappeared from his haunts in Goldfield, leaving "for parts unknown." The Boston public, realizing that all its culture had not made it immune, and that it had been "goldbricked," as any village hoosier might be, was furious. Officers of the law started out to make the "doctor's" acquaintance, and after following him around the country, finally* succeeded in introducing themselves after much protest on the part of the learned physician. They may have been rude, but the "doctor's" reception was cold and probably justified their attitude. Now he is "pinched" and awaiting the outcome of his game. Boston people are somewhat pacified but still indignant and nursing a wound to their pride which will not heal. Mining people are joyous, and the "doctor's" condition cannot be described. He is up against it. The Union Securities Company of Nevada has been "balled out," and properly classified.*

The damage which such a fiasco does throughout a growing mining region is great. The only way to prevent the recurrence of such a tangle is to punish the offender. It is now up to the people to see that this is done.

When a wildcat promoter, a crook, a liar and a thief gets busy in a community he can always do some business. When he advertises this business throughout the United States as Dr. J. Grant Lyman did, it attracts some attention, and when it becomes known for the robber it is, the whole community gets a black eye. When Boston people or others who were taken in with the bottomless Boston- Greenwater stock get wise to the bunco they are rightfully sore and naturally distrustful of any other companies. It makes it doubly hard to interest them in the legitimate properties, and so works a hardship on the whole community. It takes time for the honest men to counteract the dirty work of the crooks, and the best way to avoid this necessity is to give the crooks short shrift. Run them out of town. Give them Hell. Clear the country of such carrion and avoid trouble in the future. Dr. J. Grant Lyman has" been caught red-handed. Give him what is coming to him, and there will be less similar trouble in the future.


What a man wants brings him to the desert. What he finds keeps him there.

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