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Death Valley Chuck-Walla

Tom Lawson is Coming

Tom Lawson is. coming to Greenwater. The Chuck-Walla has this gladsome information straight from Lawson's latest novel, and those who have beeji wondering why the Copper King and literary genius from Boston has; been so tardy in visiting the new land of copper need perturb themselves no more. We are told that he has his men on the Amargosa desert even now building a road to Greenwater, over which he can run his automo. It's a cinch that Tom is a game sport and has all other copper kings backed up against the Funeral range. When Tom makes his entry in Greenwater it will be a gala day for every lizard from Amargosa to Death Valley, for the. most versatile of copper kings will come like a real king. His automo will be emblazoned with a coat of arms, while from every tent saloon along the way will dangle a piece of gaudy bunting. We hope when Tom crosses the Amargosa desert for the first time his trip will not be marred by some fickle freak of Death Valley weather, for the Chuck-Walla is hoping for much good from this visit and is therefore solicitous that Tom's impressions of this land be of the best.

The Chuck-Walla has learned another good piece of news about Tom. He has acquired, we are told on the low down, a controlling interest in the Saratoga mine and in the Red Boy group. This is good news. We don't know of anyone that we would rather see in control of these properties, and since Tom could not get to Greenwater in time to get in on the ground floor for some of the good things picked up by Charles Schwab, Patsy Clark or August Heinze, it is nevertheless reassuring to learn that he got in as well as he did. We presume he might have done better had he been as impetuous as these copper pals of his; had he been less dignified and taken less trouble and time in building his own road. Had he been content to do like Schwat) and ride over the stones and chuckholes through Death Valley, there is no doubt at all that the man from Boston would have skimmed a little of the cream from Greenwater with the best of them, but it's every man to his taste and Tom wanted his own road to Greenwater before he attempted to reach that pearl of the desert. And now the ladies from Bullfrog to China Ranch are wondering whether Tom will be decorated with one of his famous carnations or wear in his belt a papiere machete scalp of the Standard oil bunch.
Introduction:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: :?:: glossary
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