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Death Valley Chuck-Walla

A Pipe Line to Hell

If, there were a pipe line to hell some of you fellows would be standing around taking what came out of the tap. Get off your foot! Put in your own pipe line and tap a more productive region. If you don't like what you are getting here, change your source of supply. If you're in wrong, get out and start over again. It's your own fault. Good men with brains and energy make money here, so your talk of hard luck hardly holds water.

Don't knock. There is nothing in the desert for a knocker. He is not wanted and will gain no sympathy. If you don't like it get out. You don't have to stay. No one is pleading with you to do so. If you are of that breed of pups you are not wanted. It's up to you. Stay and get busy and you will make good. If you can't get busy get out and knock. You will find a more sympathetic audience on the outside waiting to hear your tale of woe. They are your breed. Get around a bar-room stove in some farming village and swap lies about what you would have done in the desert if luck hadn't been against you. That's where you belong. You will then be at least doing the good turn of scaring out the other dubs like you, who are afraid of the work and hardship which constitute the desert road to wealth, health and happiness.

The ancient philosophy of the survival of the fittest originated on the desert. Here is where men are bred. Those who have the making of men in them develop into the real thing. Desert sun and sand will smelt out the slag and leave the metal. Some men show a higher assay than others, and all are catalogued as soon as they hit the desert. Some are thrown out as worthless on the start. Others show their worthlessness after they have been working for a time. . In others the pay streak widens and develops. These are the ones who make good. They are what makes the desert a place to live in. But it takes time to get the pure metal even from these. If you've got it in you the desert will bring it out. If you have not, the desert will show you up.

Therefore, don't knock. Get what you want and shut up or get out. It's up to you. Don't stand taking what that pipe line from hell brings you. No one likes it. The good men rustle for something better. It's up to you, only don't knock the country to which you came of your own volition and which you can'leave without question or tears on the part of those who remain behind to make good.

Introduction:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: :?:: glossary
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